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I would absolutely invite one of these PT Cruisers to be parked outside my home or business.  When virus and spyware issues surface or other computerGeeksOnCall1 headaches arise, you can rely on the certified technicians from Geeks On Call to deliver prompt, expert PC service on-site.

As a Certified IDentity Theft Risk Management Specialist, and owner of I know the importance of securing my data

“Protecting against viruses and spyware, or simply helping manage small business IT systems, is a critical responsibility, and cost, for any  company.   Geeks On Call saves time and money by avoiding the need to disconnect  computer parts to take to a store. Technicians come to your home or  business and fix the problem in your presence, so you are up and  running and continuing to be productive. In addition, Geeks On Call  technicians have the knowledge and the tools to keep your data safe,  and online predators away from your children.”

Being busy with Team Veteran LLC, LegalShield for business and family, Global PT Cruisers, PTCruiser Show My Business, I would say that I’ve been too busy to take my computer down to the local shop and be out of commission for 3-10 business days, waiting my turn and for the repair.  But I have experienced that a few times.  Now that I know about Geeks On Call...!

“We specialize in providing the computer GeeksOnCall2and network support that is critical for small and medium-sized businesses to succeed in today's world. As your "Part-Time IT Department," Geeks On Call delivers on-demand, on-site computer and network services that are convenient and reliable.”

Give ‘em a call 1-800-905-GEEK

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