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Peace A Pizza
~ Eastern U.S. Locations

Peace A Pizza launched in Rosemont, PA after Pete, having a knack for making pizzas, couldn’t make them fast enough, brought in a childhood babysittee.  Check out their story at Peace A Pizza!.PeaceAPizzaJanuary2009_02

PeaceAPizzaOctober2010What really caught my eyes, after the photos of this PT Cruiser with grass on the top of it, was the news of their support for my fellow Veterans.

Peace A Pizza donated a variety of pizzas for the 16th annual Radnor Middle School Veterans Salute.  7th-grade students visited with, played games with, listened to Vets stories and words of encouragement.  View the full News story at Peace A Pizza.PeaceAPizzaCoatesvilleVAMedCenter

PeaceAPizzaJanuary2009_0115 years later, 13 stores dotting the map, from Pennsylvania to Florida, I can imagine the picture over lay of a map with the Peace A Pizza [mobile’s] running around doing their deliveries; like the little boy in the Family Circus cartoon, going everywhere in the yard to get from the gate to the front door.  Grateful to these two friends who chose to add my favorite eye catcher, the PT Cruiser, to their mobile collection.

As Show My Business On My PT Cruiser aks is owned by a Veteran, who is also a Founding Partner of TeamVeteran, LLC, would be honored to post more photos here with their PT sitting in front of the Coatesville VA Center donating to the 17th annual RMS Veterans Salute. ~ if they are able to participate again.

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