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The Susan Kennedy Realty Team
~ Jacksonville, Florida

Susan Kennedy & The Kennedy Team - Jacksonville, FL

If I lived in her area I’d likely select Susan as my agent to take care of my home needs.  Love the attributes and success that she has, professional and personal.  My youngest daughter and Susan would like each other - both with intense love and concern for animals.

Who is Susan Kennedy?

The oldest of 4 children, Susan learned at a very early age that one had to be dedicated and work hard to achieve success. She has used these principles through the years in both her personal and professional life. As a result, Susan has become an award winning Realtor who has been recognized year after year by her peers and customers alike.Susan Kennedy Realty

A passionate advocate for the well being of lost, abused, and abandoned  animals, Susan is almost as well known for her role in animal rescue and rehabilitation as for her professional successes. Susan spent the early years of her life on a large farm in Maryland where she developed an intense love and concern for animals of all kinds that continues to this day. In addition to supporting many animal welfare groups, Susan is an avid supporter of the Children's Miracle Network and Daniel - Home for Children.

Susan has been married for 30+  years and has one daughter, Shelly. She credits much of her success to  the unwavering and enthusiastic support of her husband and best friend,  Bill.

Although Susan works  round-the-clock for her buyers and sellers, she does enjoy taking an  occasional well-deserved break at her cabin in the mountains of Tennessee. Susan admits that even though she loves the mountains, it isn't very long before she is itching to get back to work! "What can I  say, I'm a workaholic!"

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