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I wanted to pass on to you for use in talking with other potential clients a couple of great experiences we have had with LegalShield
SM &

Business Use:

I was trying to get the state of Illinois to find my sales tax payment from 6 months ago. I had gone round and round with them and had documented who I had spoken with. I fought it for months and it took up much of my time. I called my LegalShield
SM Law Firm and the attorney that I was assigned asked me to fax my documents to him. A few days later I received a faxed letter from the state that it had all been cleared up. He accomplished in one day what I could not for six months.

I have used LegalShield
SM to check contracts several times as well and in each case they came up with some changes that I would not have noticed. We have been a member for years and have been very satisfied with the quick response and results in each case.

Personal Use:

My daughter was in college. She was moving to a new apartment. When we helped her move she had cleaned everything, however we helped her to go down the check list and re-cleaned a few things to make sure things were immaculate. They withheld $120.00 of her deposit for cleaning. I was very upset and called LegalShield
SM. They wrote a letter to the apartment company and within a week we had her money refunded. The dollar amount was such that we probably would not have been able to pursue it if we did not have LegalShieldSM.

Warm Regards,
Lee Ann

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July 13, 2010

Small Business Support Center
Attn: Testimonial
3340 Peachtree Rd NE, Suite 2300
Atlanta, GA 30326

Dear Mr. Tarkenton and GSB Support Team,

I have been very pleased with my use of 'Ask the Expert' at GoSmallBiz.

Recently I asked the Expert(s) a question about computer technology hoping to compare the answer with the one I would receive from another very popular online 'answer service' called My question was about upgrading my old Palm(tm) PDA to a smartphone with certain considerations in mind.

The answer I got from GoSmallBiz came less than 24 hours later, and was incredibly detailed – far more so than I expected. Your team gave me four or five very specific Internet URL addresses where I could learn more about my question and concerns and potential avenues for addressing my concern(s). One, in particular, was to a two-page article that went into depth about precisely the issues I was dealing with. I was amazed at the level of detail in your reply, and with the precision of your understanding of my question.

The response I got from the other 'answer service' was.... well, after nine days, I'm still waiting, even though they billed me for $15. I did get a response about 24 hours after submitting my question, but it was from someone who told me that she helps monitor service requests, and she would 'look into' why my question was not getting a response/reply from the technical person the question was assigned to. And I never heard from her again.

So, it was an interesting experiment, leading to a hearfelt and enthusiastic testimony for the terrific service you deliver. The service saved me many hours I would otherwise have spent trying to research the problem on my own, and still never knowing if I had done enough to resolve my issue. Thank you for doing a great job. I'm excited to share this testimony with other people.

Marty B.
Chicago, IL

(You may use my name.)

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Saved my business $900 on the first call and first question!” - Biz Owner


"Having both the Business & Family Life Events Legal plan and IDentity Theft Shield 5-years now, my husbands' small business and our family have called 65 times and it has saved us over $12,000. What's more amazing is that they haven't canceled us for over-use and they have added value to the service each year! We have 335 banked-hours should someone attempt to sue us. Meaning they would have to spend about 335 hours x about $200 an hour for their attorney = $67,000 out of their pocket before we would have to spend a penny." - Kris, Utah

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